Dongfeng 4X2 190HP road cleaning vehicle road sweeping vehicle installation vacuum brush car

Dongfeng 4X2 190HP Road Cleaning Truck Road Sweeper Mounted Vacuum Brush TruckHigh Pressure Water Clean Road Sweeper Truck Standard ConfigurationTruck toolsTruck modelCLW5160TXSD4Chassis modelDFL1160BX5Wheelbase5000mmFront/rear suspension1430/2150 mmEngine modelChassis engineB190-33 Spare engineEQB160-20Engine rateChassis e

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Dongfeng 4X2 190HP Road Cleaning Truck Road Sweeper Mounted Vacuum Brush Truck
Dongfeng 4X2 190HP Road Cleaning Truck Road Sweeper Mounted Vacuum Brush Truck

High Pressure Water Clean Road Sweeper Truck Standard Configuration
Truck tools
Truck modelCLW5160TXSD4
Chassis modelDFL1160BX5
Front/rear suspension1430/2150 mm
Engine modelChassis engineB190-33
Spare engineEQB160-20
Engine rateChassis engine140kw, 5900cc, 190hp
Spare engine155 kW
Max upgrade angle30%
Emission standardEu 3
Accelerating outside noise≤84dB(A)
Max speed103 km/h
Approach angle20°
Departure angle13°
Weight specificationsKurb weight11350 kg
Whole weight16000kg
Dimension specificationsWhole dimension8580×2490×3100mm
Minimum height above ground230 mm
High pressure cleanClean speed3~20 Km/h
Clean width3.5 m
Water pressure10 MPa
Water pump flow154 L/min
Clean  and suction performance Cleaning efficiency≥95%
Maximum suction particle size110 mm
Clean and suction width3.5 m
Max clean capacity70000 m2/h
Disc brush size≥400 mm
 Clean and suction speed3-20 km/h
TankWater tank volume9 m³
Dust tankDust tank volume7 m³
Dump bin tilting angle≥46°
Discharge door opening angle≥85°
Hydraulic systemModelOpen, electrical control
Major partsGear pump, hydraulic motor, hydraulic cylinder, solenoid valve
System pressure16 MPa
Oil tank60 L
Oil temperature60 ˚C
Electrical system
ModelDC24 V
Voltage24 V   
Battery24 V
Water spray systemMajor partsElectric diaphragm pumps, water filters, nozzles, etc.
Sweeping deviseModleCenter two swabs, driven by a hydraulic motor, and the front right can be controlled independently, with a evasive reply function.
Brush diameter 850 mm
Brush angleTilt forward: 4-6 degrees Tilt: 4-7 degrees
Sucking plateModelDouble suction, hydraulic control, spring suspension.
Suction plate diameter180 mm
Suction plate width1800mm
High pressure water  systemModelpost pump
No:.Germany PT36
System pressure10 MPa
Speed 1150 r/min
Water valve modelHydraulic pressure ball valve.
Water valve pressure7 MPa
Spray nozzles modelHigh pressure washing type
Water filterMesh type

Truck Tools
1Fire hose2 
2Fire wrench1 
3Water filter wrench1 
4High pressure water jet gun1 
5Spare tire 1 
6Manual hydraulic pump rocker1 

Truck spare parts
2Suction cup front rubber1 
3After the suction cup1 
4Fan belt5 
5Water pump belt3 
7O-rings and combination washers  
8Middle baffle rubber1 

Import configurations
1High pressure water pumpPF36Germany PINFL
2Automatic unloading after valveVB200/150Germany PINFL
3Flood valveVS200-180Germany PINFL
4NozzleB1/4MEGAmerica spray company
5Liquid level switchLME200B5/24VItaly SOFIMA
6CPU6ES7 214-1AD23-OXB0Germany SIEMENS
7Digital quantity extension module6ES7 223-1PH22-OXA0Germany SIEMENS
8The central distribution boxDVECAmerica COOPER
9Stepping motor57H41-2.7-001America Haydn
10Switchgear cabinetNE-AGKorea HIBOX
11Switch Control Japan IDEC
12Proximity switchNBB10-30GM50-E0PEPPRL FUCHS
13Suction pipe NORRES
14Hydraulic motorBMR125Brevini
15Hydraulic valveSWH-G02-C4-D2HRadix stemonae machines

Product Features
1, function introduction
1) The vehicle integrates the function of sweeper, sprinkler and high-pressure cleaning vehicle, which can complete the functions of cleaning, high-pressure cleaning, road washing and sewage collection in one operation.
2) The arrangement of the working device adopts "medium two vertical sweep + medium wide nozzle (built-in high pressure water spray bar) + middle high pressure side spray bar". It has various functions such as road cleaning, road washing, high pressure cleaning, curb stone scrubbing, garbage collection, sewage recovery, high pressure spray and road wall cleaning.
3) Adopt advanced intelligent control mode. When the operation mode is selected, the startup and shutdown of each operating mechanism are automatically controlled by the program. The operation mode includes a full cleaning operation, a left cleaning operation, a right cleaning operation, a full sweep operation, a left sweep operation, a right sweep operation, and a pure suction operation mode.
4) Equipped with advanced voice prompt alarm device, it can accurately report various safety tips and faults. The vehicle has a reverse protection device that automatically retracts the working device when reversing.
5) Adopting a double-suction ultra-wide nozzle with a diameter of 180mm. The built-in long-row high-pressure water spray bar has a small ground clearance and a large impact force, and can directly send the sewage to the suction port, and the operation splash is small, and the sewage suction rate is high. According to the road surface pollution, the washing angle of the long discharge nozzle to the road surface can be adjusted to make the cleaning effect better.
6) The auxiliary engine is equipped with a clutch for the vehicle. When starting and stopping, the cylinder drives the clutch to be disengaged and engages after the delay. The separation and engagement of the clutch is automatically controlled by the electronic control system, eliminating the need for manual operation and effectively avoiding damage to the fan, high pressure water pump and engine.
7) The high-pressure water pump adopts the German imported pump. When the high-pressure water pump starts and the working water valve switches, the water pump can automatically unload. The triple protection of the air circulation, safety valve and relief valve effectively prevents damage to the high pressure water pump.
8) Anti-overflow alarm device and high-pressure spray cleaning device are installed in the garbage can. The anti-overflow alarm device can prevent the secondary sewage from overflowing from the suction pipe during the sewage operation; the high-pressure spray cleaning device can automatically clean the sewage tank after dumping the garbage, thereby greatly reducing the labor intensity of the operator. The rear of the car is equipped with a mechanical automatic winding flushing reel with 18m high-pressure hose for cleaning the body and other equipment and facilities.
9) There is a low water level sensing alarm system in the water tank, which automatically alarms when there is no water to prevent the water pump from being damaged by water shortage.
10) Set high-definition monitoring probes on the right side of the right and the rear of the garbage can, and set a high-definition liquid crystal display in the cab. The screen can be switched to the right position of the disc and the rear position of the trash can. The working conditions and the quality of the whole vehicle are monitored.
11) Hydraulic system gear pump adopts domestic high-quality pump and has reliable performance. The manufacturer of valve parts is one of the most professional hydraulic component manufacturers in the world.
12) A manual pump is added to the hydraulic system to make the system fail to work properly when the system encounters special conditions. The manual pump can be used to complete the dumping of the garbage and the reset of each hydraulic cylinder. With anti-hydraulic leakage function.
13) The electrical system is automatically controlled by PLC program. The controller adopts imported German brand and has reliable performance.
2. Features introduction
1) The Dongfeng Tianjing DFL1160BX5 type II car chassis is modified, and the engine is Cummins IV emission. The secondary engine is Cummins EQB160-20;
2) Adopting the arrangement of the front of the clean water tank and the rear of the garbage box, the semi-enclosed auxiliary engine compartment, the left and right corner door + the double side door, the personnel can easily enter, the overall structure is compact, and the maintenance is convenient;
3) The grounding pressure of the side sweeping brush system adopts the spring adjustment mode. When working, the sweeping grounding pressure can be adjusted at any time according to the road surface condition to reduce the sweeping wear;
4) The high-pressure water pump and the water nozzle are all imported products. The water pump is a stainless steel pump head with a pressure of up to 160 Bar and a maximum flow of 154 L/min, which is better for paving the road surface;
5) The hydraulic valve in the hydraulic system adopts electromagnetic reversing valve, which is neatly arranged and easy to maintain. The hydraulic motor adopts imported brand products, the hydraulic system of the whole vehicle runs reliably, the action is sensitive and effective, and the moving components have no crawling phenomenon;
6) Special high-pressure centrifugal fan, the maximum air volume can reach 12000m3/h, the blade material is made of special steel, and its special blade shape is extremely difficult to wear;
7) Unique side sweeping brush anti-collision mechanism can effectively protect the side sweeping mechanism, which can avoid damage caused by the flushing device hitting the road tooth at any time;
8) It can clean, wash and absorb garbage and sewage at the same time by using the first sweep, the back flush and the reabsorption. No dust after road work, no water accumulation;
9) The high-pressure waterway is equipped with a quick-injection anti-freeze water blowing device interface to prevent freezing of waterway components during low temperature in winter;
10) The garbage can is made of 304 stainless steel plate, which has excellent anti-corrosion performance;
11) The key components of electrical components adopt high-quality imported components, and the operation control adopts one-button operation, which can realize 9 kinds of operation modes, and the control adopts PLC programming controller to realize;
12) Adopting cylinder drive, electric automatic control of vehicle clutch to ensure no-load start-up of the auxiliary engine, no load stop, and prolong service life;
13) It is equipped with flushing winch and flushing gun with automatic retracting function. The flow rate of the flushing gun is high and the pressure is high. It can vigorously flush the local oil stain area and wash small advertisements.
14) With voice alarm device, it can realize fault self-diagnosis function;
15) The rear guard rail is equipped with a row of high-pressure nozzles with spray dust reduction function;
16) With low pressure flushing function, the maximum flushing width can reach 24m.
17) The box body adopts a triangular bending shape, which has novel appearance and high strength.

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Dongfeng 4X2 190HP Road Cleaning Truck Road Sweeper Mounted Vacuum Brush Truck

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Dongfeng 4X2 190HP Road Cleaning Truck Road Sweeper Mounted Vacuum Brush Truck

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Dongfeng 4X2 190HP Road Cleaning Truck Road Sweeper Mounted Vacuum Brush Truck

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