Samsung launches three new vacuum cleaners in India; Check features and price here

2022-05-06 06:03:12 By : Mr. Peng Chen

Samsung has launched three new vacuum cleaners in India. The premium vacuum cleaners are called Jet 70, Het 75 and Het 90. All of them come at a different price point, starting from Rs. 32,990. Along with a washable dustbin and a one-click detachable brush drum, the Samsung Jet is currently available on the company's online portal called Samsung Shop. Keep reading to know more details about the Samsung vacuum cleaners. 

In the official press release, Samsung says that it "has launched its premium, highly powerful and intuitive Samsung Jet cordless stick vacuum cleaner lineup-up delivering the ultimate end-to-end hygienic home clearing solution to consumers in India." Adding to it, the South Korean tech giant says "the line-up of vacuum cleaners will be available on Samsung's official online store Samsung Shop starting May 04, 2022, and soon on Flipkart."

Samsung's Jet cordless vacuum cleaners can generate up to 200W of industry-leading suction power. The device itself is lightweight and ergonomically designed. Samsung claims that these devices will be a one-stop solution for consumers for a powerful and effortless cleaning experience. Talking about the product, it features a Jet Cyclone system that features nine cyclones with 27 air inlets to trap fine dust particles.

The Samsung vacuum cleaners also have a multi-layer filtration system which can trap 99.999% of allergens and dust particles. Inside, a digital inverter motor optimises airflow with airfoil blades. The Samsung vacuum cleaners come in three different models - Jet 70, Jet 75 and Jet 90. In the press release, the company also elaborates on the brushes that come with the main unit. There is a Soft Action Brush, a Turbo Action Brush, a Mini Turbo Brush and a Spinning Sweeper brush. Like in other vacuum cleaners, consumers can use these brushes for different cleaning needs.

While Samsung already sells multiple appliances in the country like television, refrigerators and air conditioners, Jet cordless stick vacuum cleaner marks the company's foray into the vacuum cleaner segment. However, unlike several other products, the Jet cordless stick vacuum cleaner is a premium product, implying that it is priced slightly on the higher side. There are three models, starting from Rs. 39,990 for Jet 70, all the way up to rs. 52,990 for the Jet 90.