ICYMI: There's Still Time to Grab The Skeleton Dance Merch at Disney World

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Spooky scary skeletons! There is still time to get the Skeleton Dance merch. Here’s where to find it… Vintage Hoodie

ICYMI: There's Still Time to Grab The Skeleton Dance Merch at Disney World

After a long month of anticipation, Hallow’s Eve is manifesting right before our very eyes! Only one week remains before the veil becomes thin, inviting ghoulies and ghosties to walk amongst us. Disney World has been prepped for their arrival for a while; Magic Kingdom has been decorated with autumnal wreaths, smiling jack-o-lanterns, and jolly scarecrows since late August.

But our ghoulish guests won’t be able to stay for long – the only happy haunts you’ll find in Magic Kingdom after October 31st will be carefully locked away in Haunted Mansion. Once the clock strikes twelve and Halloween party attendees make their way out of Magic Kingdom’s gates, Santa’s elves get to work.

On the morning of November 1st, guests are welcomed into a winter wonderland. Coniferous wreaths dotted with bright ornaments replace pumpkins framed with fall leaves, pumpkin spice lattes are ditched in favor of peppermint mochas, and twinkling Christmas lights take the place of glowing jack-o-lanterns. Before the first week of November comes to a close, a 65-foot Christmas tree is erected for all to adore, marking the official beginning of the holiday season at Walt Disney World.

What’s left of Halloween merchandise will be stashed away with the decor, so any witchy wares you’ve had your eye on will be gone by next week. A fan-favorite collection this year was inspired by The Skeleton Dance (1929), an iconic short released just after the success of Steamboat Willie and the first of The Silly Symphonies.

If you want to get your hands on Skeleton Dance merch before it passes on, you’ll have to grab your broomstick and head to the parks! Keep reading to take a look at the remains of The Skeleton Dance collection. 

Who needs a little black dress when you can have a little black sweatshirt? This cropped sweater is the perfect spooky staple for your closet. Delicately stitched embroidery resembles the title card of The Skeleton Dance across the chest. My favorite thing about this sweater is that it’s stylishly simple, so you can wear it long after Halloween is over.

Bone-chilling beverages are made all the more intoxicating when served alongside a Skeleton Dance ice bucket! On one side, the first of the foursome is squatting over a headstone, framed by a yowling feline duo. On the opposite side, The Skeleton Dance title card is printed. What better way to keep your witch’s brew chilled?

Ghouls just wanna have flattering t-shirts. Insert the Skeleton Dance v-neck tee, banishing the scariest monster of them all – boxy silhouettes! Opt for this super soft top to keep the spooky vibes going (without sacrificing your style to the fashion gods). The shirt features the debut of the first of four skeletons, surprising the kitties who use the graveyard as their stomping ground.

Missing the perfect centerpiece for your Hallow’s Eve ritual? Witches from far and wide will be delighted to find that this incense burner is still on shelves within the parks. Few things are witchier than full moons, skeletons, and black cats – this piece has ’em all! It even includes a few incense cones to get you started.

When in doubt, remember… K.I.S.S: Keep It Simple, Skeletons! If you’re looking for creepy couture that isn’t too over-the-top, rush on over to get the last of these off-white tees. A classic cut printed with a simple scene of the skeleton quartet will go with just about anything you’re donning! At a cool $29.99, this will also be the most affordable piece from the Skeleton Dance collection.

Not exactly part of The Skeleton Dance merch collection, but this cute Mickey hourglass sports a scary ghost and black sand that coordinates with the skeletons. Mickey’s classic design fits right in with the time period that The Silly Symphonies were born, adding a bit of ’20s chic to your Halloween decor!

Even the undead can appreciate a classy table setting. As your spectral house guests arrive, dazzle them with this spooky runner that ties the entire table together. Can’t you just imagine dastardly delicacies like ectoplasm jello and brûléed brains placed carefully along it? This home good is perfect for seances, sacrifices, and fiendish feasts!

Graveyards are a great dance venue, but they’re lacking that key element that makes the difference between good parties and great parties: ambient lighting! Transform your spiritless cemetery into a groovy graveyard get down with this projective Skeleton Dance lantern! If necropolises give you the heebie-jeebies, they also make for a great porch light for signaling to trick-or-treaters that you’ve got the goods. 

This black skeleton cut-out lantern projects dancing skeletons in every direction. It’s officially out of stock on shopDisney, so you’ll have to get your claws on it in the parks. 

Stay cozy on a chilling Halloween night in a Skeleton Dance pullover! This hoodie won’t keep a chill from running down your spine or the hairs on the back of your neck from raising, but it will keep you warm. A white tie dye stripe rips across the center of the hoodie, front and back, and an embroidered Skeleton Dance title card detail rests on the chest.

Keep your potions, spells, and spare tibias conveniently by your side in this crossbody zipper bag. Scenes from The Skeleton Dance are highlighted all over the bag, including the title card. A front pocket and a larger center compartment leave plenty of room for all of your terrifying trinkets and Halloween treats.

Your eeriest of elixirs will be right at home in this Skeleton Dance decanter. The skeletons show off their moves along the outside of the decanter’s chamber, which is plugged with a skull cap. Can’t you just imagine this sitting on your bar cart or next to your boiling cauldron?

The clock is ticking – Halloween will be here before we know it, and the Skeleton Dance collection will crawl back into its grave once Hallow’s Eve comes to a close. Hop on your broom and head down to the parks to grab your pick before these items disappear!

ICYMI: There's Still Time to Grab The Skeleton Dance Merch at Disney World

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